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Sonali Thakur


Keep learning and keep growing !! Really excited to be part of the Trading Bootcamp. Abhishek Bansal and Kshitij– it was a great session !!! The Future University kudos for making weekends fun again !!!

4:31 PM · May 23, 2022


Varun Talwar


I must say, attending Chinmay Tinaikar's stock trading bootcamp was a transformative experience for me. His ability to simplify complex market concepts and provide practical skills and effective strategies allowed me to gain confidence and make informed trading decisions.

6:52 PM · Jan 24, 2022


Ashita Sood


The Vedic Astrology bootcamp I attended was an absolute revelation. The instructor's profound knowledge and unwavering passion for this ancient science effortlessly guided us through the intricacies of Vedic astrology.

5:45 PM · Dec 6, 2021




The value they provide in a 2 hours free Masterclass is much more than many paid courses provide in their entire duration. Commendable Job by TFU team.

12:55 PM · Nov 17, 2022


Jeetu Singh


I've been to many webinars and masterclasses on stock trading, but the value Abhishek sir provides in these two hours is the best I've seen so far. He believes that if he is making good returns through trading, then his students must as well. Overall, the best teacher I have ever had.

11:21 AM · August 30, 2022


Sameer Shah


Muthukannan's Technical Analysis Bootcamp in Tamil is an excellent program for anyone interested in learning about technical analysis. The course covers everything from basic charting techniques to advanced indicators, and Muthukannan's teaching style makes the material easy to understand. I highly recommend this bootcamp.

11:21 AM · November 12, 2022


Raman Gulati


Hemant Jain's Swing Trading Bootcamp was a total game-changer for me. His deep knowledge and expertise in swing trading strategies gave me the tools and confidence to navigate the markets like a pro.

11:01 PM · Febuary 12, 2023




Munish Batra's Crypto Currency Bootcamp exceeded all my expectations. His extensive knowledge and passion for the subject matter made the learning experience truly exceptional. Munish Sir is an exceptional instructor, and I highly recommend this bootcamp.

12:20 PM · Febuary 18, 2023

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