Building the Digital University of the Future

At The Future University, we are building World’s Largest Learning Community around the Best Teachers of the World. We offer LIVE cohort based courses on various 21st century relevant skills with top experts of that domain.

Here is our strong belief on how education should be:

  • We believe community is the cornerstone of learning. Learning alongside a group of peers is the best way to achieve transformation.
  • The best way to learn is by doing. That’s why our cohort-based courses focus on active learning through hands-on assignments and projects.
  • Everyone should have access to the best instructors. Removing the limitations of geography means that anyone in the world can access industry experts.
  • Influence is the new accreditation. There will be 100 million plus content creators and internet entrepreneurs in India by 2030. These influencers have more credibility than any traditional university professor to teach the specific skill they are expert in.
  • Traditional education does not focus on skills relevant in the 21st century. Topics ranging from money management, tax filing, managing your social media profile are not taught but are becoming essential for everyone. At The Future University, we try to address this gap head on.