KP Astrology with Prof. Krish Murali Eswar

KP astrology is a modern and precise system of astrological predictions. Combining Vedic principles with advanced techniques, it emphasizes accurate birth time determination and uses the Placidus house division system. The concept of "sublords" further refines predictions. With its ruling planets technique and focus on event-specific timing using Nakshatras, KP astrology is highly regarded for its pragmatic and scientific approach, making it a preferred choice among astrologers worldwide.


What you will learn in this master class:

In the KP Astrology Masterclass with Prof. Krish Murali Eswar, students will embark on an immersive learning experience, gaining comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in this precise astrological system.

The master class begins by delving into the 7 Fundamental Predictive Steps, laying the groundwork for accurate predictions using the Placidus house division system and the concept of "sublords." Students will then apply this knowledge through 7 Practice Case Studies, honing their analytical abilities.

Advancing to the 4 Advanced Predictive Steps, participants will explore more intricate astrological scenarios and engage in 7 Practice Case Studies on Advanced Predictive Steps, refining their predictive expertise.

A critical aspect of astrology, the course covers the 5 Predictive Steps for Deciding the Time of the Event. In 4 Practice Case Studies, students will learn to determine precise timing for events, a valuable skill in astrology.

Understanding the ABCD of Planets Significance is key to interpreting planetary positions. Through 7 Practice Case Studies for ABCD of Planets Significance, students will gain proficiency in deciphering planetary influences.

Under Prof. Krish Murali Eswar's expert guidance, this master class equips students with the skills and confidence to make astute predictions and excel in the captivating world of KP Astrology.

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