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The astrology curriculum covers essential aspects such as the influence of the nine planets and the significance of the 12 zodiac signs (rashi). It delves into concepts like exalted (uch) and debilitated (neech) planets, which can affect their strength in a birth chart. Additionally, students learn about Lagn Kundali, which represents the positioning of planets at the time of birth, and Kalpurush Kundali, which symbolizes the cosmic person and helps interpret houses and signs. Understanding the 'karak tattva' of planets, which signifies their roles and significations, is emphasized. Relationship dynamics, including friendship (mitra) and enmity (shatru) between planets, are explored. Students also learn to analyze specific combinations (yog) in a chart, which can indicate various life outcomes.


What you will learn in this master class:

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Explore the comprehensive astrology curriculum covering vital topics including:

Nine Planets & Twelve Zodiac Signs: Understand the influence of celestial bodies and the significance of zodiac constellations.

Exalted and Debilitated Planets: Learn about planetary strengths and weaknesses in a birth chart.

Lagn Kundali and Kalpurush Kundali: Dive into the intricacies of birth chart placements and cosmic symbolism.

Karak Tattva: Uncover the roles and significations of planets in astrological interpretations.

Relationship Dynamics: Explore the dynamics of planetary friendships and enmities.

Yog Analysis: Master the art of analyzing planetary combinations to predict life outcomes.

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