Reiki Healing with Dimple Mehra

Explore the world's first self-healing, hand-on energy modality with our comprehensive online Reiki course. Delve into the history of Usui's enlightenment and discover Reiki as a biofield energy. Uncover real-life case studies and testimonials showcasing its effectiveness. Learn what not to expect from Reiki, explore Chakras and Aura testing, and experience grounding meditation. Elevate your self-healing journey with our online Reiki classes.


What you will learn in this master class:

What Students Will Learn?

  • Introduction to Reiki Level 1: Understand the fundamentals of the world's first self-healing, hands-on modality.
  • History of Usui's Enlightenment: Discover the intriguing story behind Usui's spiritual awakening and connection to Reiki.
  • Reiki as Biofield Energy: Dive deep into the concept of Reiki as a biofield energy and explore its healing potential.
  • Case Studies and Testimonials: Gain insights from real-life examples, testimonials, and success stories of individuals who have experienced the power of Reiki.
  • What Not to Expect: Manage your expectations by learning what Reiki cannot provide in terms of healing and transformation.
  • Chakras and Aura Testing: Explore the energy centers of the body and techniques for testing and balancing the aura.
  • Grounding Meditation: Experience a grounding meditation to connect with the Earth's energy and enhance your healing abilities.

Our online Reiki classes offer a flexible and accessible way to learn and practice Reiki healing. Enroll in our online Reiki course to begin your journey towards self-healing and energy mastery. 

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