Swar Vigyan with Rohet

Experience the Swar Vigyan Masterclass, a transformative journey into the ancient science. Discover how Swar influences your life and unlock the power to change it intentionally. Learn auspicious activities, harness Tatav energies, and predict life events. This masterclass empowers you with ancient wisdom for a harmonious and successful life.


What you will learn in this master class:

In this class, students can expect to delve deep into the fascinating world. This comprehensive session will provide participants with valuable insights and practical knowledge, including:

  • Understanding Swar: Delve into the fundamental concept of Swar and how it influences our emotions and decisions.
  • Techniques to Change Swar: Learn methods to intentionally modify your Swar for personal growth and success.
  • Auspicious Activities: Discover which activities are most favorable in specific Swars for a harmonious and fulfilling daily routine.
  • Determination of Swar by Tithi: Understand how lunar days (Tithis) can influence your Swar and guide your decisions.
  • Utilizing Swar for Success: Explore strategies to structure your day for success based on your Swar.
  • Harnessing Tatav Energies: Identify Tatav energies within your Swar and utilize them for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Tatav Changing Techniques: Master techniques to adapt to different Tatav energies, enabling personal transformation.
  • Predictions through Swar: Learn how to make accurate life predictions guided by your prevailing Swar.
  • Swar for Students: Students will gain insights into how Swar Vigyan can enhance their study routines and academic success.
  • Manovanchit Kriya: Discover Manovanchit Kriya techniques to align your thoughts and actions with your goals effectively.

This Swar Vigyan Masterclass promises to be a transformative journey, equipping students with ancient wisdom to harmonize their lives and achieve success and well-being.

Live Session

We provide live classes to our students. You can attend the classes from anywhere in the world.

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We save all the session recordings in case you miss a class or want to rewatch a class.

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Who is this masterclass for?

Anyone and everyone who is genuinely interested to make money in the stock market can attend this webinar. You can be:

🧑‍💻An Employee
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