Vedic Numerology by Ameeta

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through "Vedic Numerology by Ameeta S Bhatia." Uncover the profound wisdom of Vedic Numerology as Ameeta guides you through understanding Driver, Conductor, and Angel Numbers. Learn the art of creating and analyzing Vedic grids, and experience the fascinating practice of live aura scanning for a holistic approach to numerology.


What you will learn in this master class:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals and essence of Vedic Numerology.
  • Study the significance of Driver, Conductor, and Angel Numbers.
  • Master the art of creating and analyzing Vedic grids.
  • Explore the transformative practice of live aura scanning.

Details about the Masterclass:
Ameeta S Bhatia's "Vedic Numerology" masterclass offers a deep dive into the mystical world of numbers. Participants will unravel the intricacies of Driver, Conductor, and Angel Numbers, gaining profound insights into their significance. The class delves into the practical aspect of Vedic Numerology, teaching the art of creating and analyzing Vedic grids for accurate readings. A unique component of live aura scanning adds an experiential dimension, enhancing the understanding and application of Vedic Numerology.

Who is this Masterclass for:
This masterclass is designed for individuals intrigued by the transformative power of numbers and those seeking a holistic approach to self-discovery. Ameeta S Bhatia welcomes beginners and enthusiasts alike, providing structured insights into Vedic Numerology. Whether you're exploring numerology for personal growth or aspiring to incorporate it into your holistic practices, this class equips you with valuable knowledge and practical skills.


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